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The Dental Marketing Accelerator Training Program
The most comprehensive online marketing program developed 
exclusively for dental practices.
This Dental Lead Gen Practice Accelerator program is the only online learning program that not only provides you all the tools, strategies, and tactics you need to create your own successful digital marketing campaigns... but also gives you templates and proven campaigns that are working right now to drive more leads and patients to dentists across the country.
By The End Of This Program
You Will Have:
  • A process for how to get a quick, successful campaign up and running when you need new patients fast.
  • Proven methods, templated ads, and done-for-you landing pages for Google Search campaigns that get results... AND the knowledge to implement them.
  • Learned how to run campaigns to cold audiences to turn them into leads and, ultimately, patients by putting them through a proven online sales funnel.
  •  Easy-to-change landing page templates to customize to fit your practice.
  •  Learned how to track the results of your campaigns to understand what is working and what isn't.
  •  A proven, consistent way to drive new leads to your dental practice that aren't referrals or repeat business (of course you still want those, but they aren't going anywhere as long as you keep doing an awesome job).

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What's Included

Quickstart Campaigns - Implement Our "Fill in the Blanks" Templates to Setup Your Ads & Funnels From Start to Finish

Want to get started with generating leads before finishing the entire course? Start here and implement. You can start generating leads as early as tomorrow (or even today if you are really fast).

● Understanding the value ladder approach and how to build one for your dental practice.

● Go step-by-step through setting up a search campaign from start to finish in Google Ads using our campaign templates.

Learn how to implement our Clickfunnels landing page templates.

Google Search Ads Mastery

Google Search Ads are the backbone of solid lead generation for dentists. People are searching for your services. You need to be there to be a part of their consideration.

This module is all about teaching you what to do and what not to do with Google Search Ads (some of these "what not to do" lessons could be the reason Google Ads have never worked for you before... Even a ton of agencies get some of these things wrong)... Oh, and includes some done-for-you campaign templates that will make things super-easy to implement.

● Search Ads: Campaign structure, Extensions, Google my business

Call Only Ads

Conversion Tracking: Standard conversion tracking, Call tracking, Offline conversion tracking.

YouTube & Display Ads Mastery

Think Google Ads is only about Search? Don't worry... that's what most people think. This module is all about the other side of Google Ads. Display, YouTube, Native, Gmail... implementing these Google Ads strategies will put you one step ahead of your competitors.

● Display Ads: How to use Native, Responsive display, Smart display, and Gmail ads to create brand awareness and dominate your local market

YouTube Ads: Video is hotter than ever right now and is one of the most powerful and effective ways to influence your target market. Learn how to use YouTube ads to target high income, ideal patients in your area.

Landing Page Mastery

You've got a perfectly good website... it's probably perfectly fine to send your paid traffic there right? Not typically... that's why I'm going to share with you what the absolute best practices are when it comes to building landing pages that convert. You can take this lesson and apply it to just about any landing page software you want to use.

Why you need landing pages in addition to your main dental website (and why you never want to send paid ad traffic to your website homepage!)

● Examples of dental landing pages - I'll go over what to do and what NOT to do

 Best practices for landing pages

● Different types of landing page software

Facebook Ads Mastery

It seems like everyone is running and teaching Facebook Ads these days. I get it. It can be hard to take in ALL the information out there and figure out how to apply it to your dental practice. That's why I put together this Facebook Ads module to really break it down to what matters to generating leads for your dental practice. AND I'll give you ad campaigns and creative that works for getting implant, Invisalign, Sleep Apnea patients and more. Want to know if what you are doing is working? Perfect... I'll also teach you about the Facebook Pixel and how you can use it to track your results.

● Facebook Ad Campaigns: I'll give you step-by-step instructions for setting up patient generating ad campaigns including an Invisalign campaign, lead quizzes, special offers, Dental Implant campaign, Teeth Whitening , Sleep Apnea, and more!

●Plus Conversion Tracking: Learn how to track all of your incoming leads so you can see exactly what's working and what's not. We will cover standard conversion tracking, call tracking, and offline conversion tracking (so you can attribute new patients back to the exact ad that they came from!)

How to Use Clickfunnels (for Dentists!)

It's easy to get confused about where to build landing pages and the best tools to use. I've decided to show you how to use one of the more common tools on the market today. The 1st reason is because it is the tool we use to build landing pages and funnels for our clients... the 2nd reason is because it allows me to easily share with you all of the funnels we use that you can easily change out all of your practice information and get started as quickly as possible.

How to use Clickfunnels to get dental clients

 Pre-built funnel templates that are ready to use 
          - Dental Implant funnel
          - Invisalign funnel 
          - Teeth Whitening funnel
          - New patient offers/deal funnels
          - Sleep apnea funnel
          - Teeth cleaning funnel and more!
Landing Page
Instead of starting from scratch trying to build a landing page that actually gets you leads, use one of my pre-built templates that is working right now... just swap out your practice information, and you've got a patient-winning landing page (don't worry, I can show you how you can do this in less than 30 minutes).
Not big on keyword research or Google Ads management (or paying an agency to do it for you), no problem... I'll share all of my best performing Google search campaigns, to get you started on the right foot.
Swipe Files for
Ads and Emails
Graphic designers and copywriters are hit-or-miss... and expensive... so just grab my ad design and copy and get proven ads going in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the investment.
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 1
Quick Start
Module 2
Google Search Ads
Module 3
Google YouTube & Display Ads
Quick Start
Google Search Ads
Google YouTube & Display Ads
Module 4
Landing Pages
Module 5
Facebook Ads
Module 6
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Landing Pages
Facebook Ads
About The Instructor
Caitlin Schlichting 
Founder & Co-Owner | Digital Fire
Caitlin Schlichting
Caitlin is the Founder and Co-Owner (along with her husband Brian) of Digital Fire... a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in driving highly qualified leads through online sales funnels. Digital Fire has a dedicated team of medical marketing specialists, including dental marketing .

Caitlin has ten years of experience using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, building web properties and online funnel strategy. She has also extensively trained others in using these platforms to get results for their businesses. She is Google Ads certified and her agency (a Google partner) has helped both small and large businesses nationwide. Caitlin loves to serve clients, solve problems and watch businesses thrive and grow.

Just for fun, Caitlin occasionally immerses herself in things like marketing automation, data, analytics and various marketing technologies. She loves diving into new projects, tackling each one with her typical zeal and passion. 

Raised in Jackson, Missouri, Caitlin Schlichting also efficiently juggles being a wife and mother with her valued expertise in marketing. In her limited spare time, this successful "mompreneur" enjoys reading business books and spending time with family.
About The Dental Hacks
The Dental Hacks was created for dentists, by dentists.
In 2014, two dentists had a similar idea of starting a podcast. They were unhappy with the dental information out there, and thought that it could use an independent, humorous twist. Alan Mead D.D.S. and Jason Lipscomb D.D.S. were from different parts of the country, but met up at a Cosmedent course in Chicago. There they came up with the idea for the Dental Hacks Podcast.

Four years, and over 1.5 million downloads later, the Dental Hacks Podcast has changed the playing field for podcasts in the dental industry. This podcast has helped connect minds and launch dozens of other podcasts through a process of sharing and working together.
Dr. Alan Mead
Alan Mead is a 1997 graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. He's been a practice owner in Saginaw, MI since 1998. An avid podcast listener and blogger since 2008, he often wondered "Why couldn't I do this?" After meeting Jason at a Cosmedent course in 2013, Alan finally pestered Jason into starting the Dental Hacks podcast in June of 2014.

Alan lives on a horse farm west of Midland, Michigan with his wife Deb and his two sons, Sean and Jacob. They take care of a rotating menagerie of horses, barn cats, a dog named Gracie and a miniature donkey named Floyd.
Dr. Jason Lipscomb
Jason Lipscomb is a general dentist in Richmond, VA. He currently owns three practices in central Virginia. He is a self proclaimed CE Junkie, and was known in the past as the Social Media Dentist.

Jason spends most of his time with his wife and two children.
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Join other dentists just like yourself who are implementing the strategies taught in the course PLUS get access to additional training and support in the Dental Hacks Academy Private Facebook Group.

We are only accepting a LIMITED number of dentists into this group - so save your spot now!  

We are dedicated to making this a small, tight-knit group so that we can give everyone personalized attention and help, so in order to do this we are limiting the size of the group (this is NOT just fake scarcity!)
The Group Pays for Itself Because... 
  •  Live Q&A sessions: Get answers to your most pressing questions live from the experts.
  •  Access to support anytime: No need to wait until the next Q&A session! Ask questions in the group anytime and get help when you need it.
  •  Ad and landing page audits: Not sure what you're doing wrong?  Need suggestions for improving your current ad campaigns or landing pages? Get recommendations and in-depth audits from the experts!
  •  Special trainings exclusively for group members: We will be doing private trainings not available anywhere else exclusively for members of the Facebook group - this is a HUGE value you don't want to miss with all the latest tips and strategies!
Risk Free, 14 Day, Money Back Guarantee
Worried it might not be for you? I get it... I'm so confident you'll love what is inside that if you get in and learn all the information in the course and implement what I teach and still don't see the value... I'll give you 100% of your payment back.
This seems like a lot to learn and implement... are you sure I'm going to get this?
With all the step-by-step walk-throughs and campaign and landing page templates, I'm confident you can implement what I teach. And the time commitment is (probably) doable... however, if you aren't 100% committed to learning and making it work, this program probably isn't for you.
Do I need to invest in anything else to make what is taught in this course work for me?
You will need to pay Google and/or Facebook for ads... and you will also need to pay for Clickfunnels or some other type of landing page builder (you can also build landing pages like any other website pages, but you would likely need a web-developer to do that). You may also need to pay for an email marketing software (like Mailchimp or Drip) if you don't already have one. Everything else taught in the course will not require a payment.
Do I need to have technical and/or marketing skills to do this?
Any skills you have could make the implementation easier... however, everything you need to know to implement the course is right here in the course.
I'm new to digital marketing... is this going to be too advanced for me? 
I start at a level that almost anyone can learn at. The strategy is taken care of here, so all that really needs to be done is implementation... I teach you how to do that in the course. The bottom line is that I built this course with beginners in mind. It does not go into deep strategy or complex or advanced tactics (because, frankly, you can have a lot of success without jumping into that world).
Do I get immediate access to the lessons and modules?
The course (6 modules) will be released one module a week starting on February 4 and will be released weekly for the following 5 weeks.
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